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Coconut Lime Blossom Peptide Pedicure

Coconut Lime Blossom Peptide Pedicure

This Hydro-Radiance signature line infused with Coconut oil and Lime Blossom extracts, helps smooth and brighten skin tone while restoring hydration levels. Feet are soaked in a Lime infused Coconut Milk to soften and cleanse, followed by a natural raw cane sugar scrub to exfoliate, buff away dry skin and calluses leaving skin fresh and glowing. A peptide infused Coconut Lime masque is then applied to hydrate, nourish and improve skin texture, followed by a relaxing massage to ease tension. Mmmm...who needs Fall when you have coconut & lime quenching your skin. 75 amazing minutes $85.00 (Regular price $100)

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