About the WELL Spa + Salon

Spa & Salon in downtown Milwaukee

About WELL Spa + Salon

Since 2006, WELL Spa + Salon has been a serene sanctuary of relaxation. As a retreat from the busy downtown commotion, our spa and salon in downtown Milwaukee accommodates each guest with personalized treatments that are designed to accentuate their natural features. The WELL Spa + Salon experience allows guests to craft their visit from start to finish and choose from an exclusive lineup of full-body massages, rejuvenating facials, hair and makeup care, as well as luxurious customizable spa packages.
WELL Spa + Salon’s devotion to the care and wellbeing of our guests extends to the products we use. We proudly feature a selection of healthy, natural treatments, and ensure that every application we use will maximize and enhance the natural benefits of your body. At WELL Spa + Salon, we believe in the natural beauty each guest brings when they visit, and we go to great lengths to provide a unique experience to each of our guests.

The WELL Spa + Salon also takes pride in offering exquisite bridal hair and nail services tailored for your wedding day. Elevate your pre-wedding experience by reserving the Orchid Room, where you and your private group can luxuriate in the perfect setting leading up to your special day.
With private suites, personalized spa treatments, and 10 years of Spa + Salon experience, your next visit at WELL Spa + Salon will be a true getaway. Treat yourself to the tranquil ambiance and schedule your appointment with us or call (414) 277-9207.

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